Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Brick Lane a Fashion Adventure

Well the the employer and I decided a day away from the office was in order so headed to East London last Sunday. Brick Lane will never fail to lift one's mood with outrageous fashion statements being made around every corner. It's certainly made up of an eclectic mix of people and is the perfect tonic to the day to day drib of what this neck of the woods would refer to as suburban life....

I've always felt that fashion can be extended through many different mediums, one of them being art and graffiti. Only the best graffiti artists seem to grace Brick Lane's wall including some Banky's (I'm a Fan).

Brick Lane, the street of films, fashion and music. I love it here, it is honestly like a catwalk on Sundays, there is an abundance of fabulousness within this hustle and bustle and always good for some pre catwalk style.... mark my words the people down this street create fashion, don't just wear it !
(this picture does not depict what I describe, but I am always to busy studying it at the time to snap)

The GladRags Boutique creator in her over the knee suede boots and weathered leather jacket. Thought the background had a ska feel and as we are Coventry originals, felt it was apt....

I loooooooooove Camden, I can see why so many artists have been from of moved here, it definitely feeds inspiration and creativity.....

Although this blog is not directly about fashion, it is places such as these that can reignite a possible waining desire to be fabulous (weather not helping). The capital amongst many other places is filled to the brim with diverse and extreme personalities that infect the air and becomes addiction to feel fabulous all of the time.