Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Danielle Scutt S/S10

I don't usually torture myself by spending to long cooing over designer labels and catwalk couture, but every so often a collection remains a constant within my psyche regardless of my resistance. Ever since I was exposed to this S/S10 collection from Danielle Scutt at LFW, I have been able to think of nothing else...........

I think what it is about this collection that has captured me, is not only it's wearability factor, but that rather then being gaudy or ostentatious it's like a collection that has captured street savvy, a designer mentality to be enjoyed before the the industry moulds it into something different.

You could put this on and walk down the street in the middle of the day, I love it....

I think these prints have a warm, slightly 60's/70's feel to them, which is definitely an era GladRags has been embracing recently.

The geometric print on this dress is amazing, shoes aren't bas either !

When Danielle Scutt was asked what her inspirations are for S/S10 she responded by saying, "Print, fabric and cut" and that is definitely reflected within the collection. The lines are beautifully sculpted yet flattering, the prints comprise of a complexity of modern geometrics to somewhere between Forest Gump meets Little House of the Prairie.
I just really love it, I would luvvvvvve to have in all in my wardrobe, i night even try a Pisa inspired hair do..............