Thursday, 22 October 2009

Style Crush.....

To even list all of my style crushes would result in what would mirror the first 7 chapters of a novel. Many have come and gone. Flushes of love have intensified and diminished, yet some fashionistas continue to keep my attention. I love casual fashion, wearable fashion, outfits that have been constructed through love, rather then over-contrived motivation.
The ladies below are ones that have been on my radar for in the fashion world 'forever'

The Chung, I still remember our first encounter, seeing this awkward looking feral thing sitting next to Popworlds Simon Amstell. From that Sunday on, looking forward to Alexa's outfits became a weekend ritual. During the transition from her dressing up like a lobster promoting 'Shipwrecked' to perching her little bum next to Anna Wintour front row at fashion week she has managed to maintain what we all fell in love with, only now that thrifted dress is paired with Chanel pumps...

Ohh, I love Daisy. I can't even pinpoint particular outfits that really inspired me, Daisy dresses like people I know but I think it is just that, that is her allure. She makes a dress fun with silly socks whilst pulling a face, I like that about her.

Diane Kruger is kind of an anomaly. I just know that come the fashion 'faux pas' pages Ms Kruger will not feature. She is seriously sophisticated and wears here clothes very well. "we salute you Diane," we also love that you are with 'Dawson's Creeks,' Pacy.

Well Channel4 certainly have a knack for spotting 'those' girls, Alexa's replacement was the stylish Jameela Jamil, whose wardrobe is far from shabby.

I always think Rachel Bilson looks lovely, never outrageous but on-trend, chic and beautiful. She's also very good at dressing her body.

I love these ladies style whether they are on the red carpet or going to buy milk. I love relaxed fashion where the individual wears the clothes and not the other way round. Fashion can often be overpowering and not really suitable when not walking down 5th avenue in your Manolo's. I love their style because not only is it completely wearable, but it seems to be an extension of their personalities, which is something that really draws me......

Leanne @ Gladrags