Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Wonderland Where Everything is Special and Fabulous!

We are starting this blog (let’s hope it lasts longer than the two entry blog we started last time) as a celebration of all things LOVELY! We want to live in a world of gorgeous trinkets, smelling like Blueberry Muffins, in a house full of treasures with loads of nooks and crannies (with no spiders unless they are super friendly), wearing the most lovely, LOVED clothes and accessories and just generally being the fabulous creatures we all can be!
We have just opened a little boutique in Leicester which we hope brings a bit of this happiness and fabulousness. We are also going to scout out all things lovely, going out there to find the most stylish gals on the street and generally reporting back on anything super cute that comes in our paths...
For now I will leave you with some pics of our new little baby and fab thought of the day...
After watching The City repeats last night I MUST start wearing heels to work and some floaty chiffon wouldn’t go amiss either!!