Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fashion of the People

Apologies for the sporadic blogs in recent weeks, we have been busy bees at GladRags getting the shop ready for Christmas, So a view are definitely necessary to fill the fashion void. Customers have remained as stylish as ever despite the torrential weather recently and here are a few little snaps of customers who have been a bit special x
This pair were very cool, they seemed to be fashionably in tune with each other complementing each others style. Both were sporting the on-trend military style boot and her acid wash denim jacket was to die for....
These ladies were fun, not only did they both look fabulous on this day, but they were also so excited about the store that I just thought they were lovely. After modeling with this velvet clutch the girl on the left, could not leave without it.

Me whilst at work not looking to fresh post graduation day, but still attempting to make some effort. The white T I am sporting along with the skirt and red velvet bag are all from GladRags and I think that pretty much sums up my wardrobe without me noticing

This lovely lil lady came in the Leicester shop and I am so partial to a bit of faux fur. Her style was really 70's inspired which is an era I really enjoy, lovely weathered boots, black lace smock, faux fur coat and large vintage inspired hooped earrings.....sassy personified.

Even looking at this picture makes me smile, she had so much energy and I think this is reflected in her outfit. The stonewashed 80's fit jeans are fab and although you can't see the print on the T in the pic it was also The scarf and slip on's finished the look which was both practical and stylish.

This girl was a student who was so pretty and petite. she was sporting a nautical inspired cardigan with a band T and also reminded me that tights are all about 40 and below denier this season. ie the ones your mum would wear in 1989... I have already brought and laddered 6 pairs :-(

She came wandering into the shop about 5.20pm all nonchalant and i probably half screamed "photo, photo, your fabulous" thankfully she agreed and I am glad she did. She kind of gave of a calm Ora, understand ed cool. The outfit is in the detail, the re-usable bag the bowler and had the odd socks for a bit of fun....the result, fresh, fun and noticeable, I love it.
thank you to all the fabulous fashionistas for brightening my working days xoxo