Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Well I have been as busy as one of Santa's helpers in December recently. I was cold one day recently (sure you can emphasise) and I randomly decided I really needed a hand muff, so the story continues that what was on offer was far from rich pickings. How do you solve a problem such as this ? I have slaved over creating some faux fur hand muffs and have decided to share with those suffering from similar dilemmas.....
This faux fur lovely is leopard print fabric, inside and out, which makes it really furry, with pink ribbon and gold button detail. £12

This one is a little more quirky and is cream faux fur, with a paisley patterned corduroy bow detail. It's really cute... £10

When I was looking back through the photo's of the hand muffs, I thought I would report back of my chosen ensemble, The Motel Aztec cardigan is fabulous and probably my current fav in my wardrobe. Had a little Internet score and I am not alone in my love affair. Grazia have featured it on two occasions, in the 'cuddle up in a cardie' feature and also in their style spotter (see below)

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I get complemented everywhere in my cardie and as put my Grazia put it best, you definitely can cosy up in it. Comfort and style....perfection
Motel Aztec Cardigan £65
My Jewels of the day included this vintage gold chain with cameo..........Pieces such as this have inspired us at GladRags and new gorg pieces in store such as cameo necklaces and ghetto gold bracelets and chains are itching to be brought.
belted or beltless this cardie works, today I wore a vintage brown leather from a second hand shop

Working shoes, simple black brogues, made for walking.
Comfy with hopefully a bit of personality, must invest in better camera ASAP, apologies. Will also post Hand Mufflers straight off the press xoxo