Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Greetings !!!!!!!!!!!

hi guys apologies for the lack of posts recently, trying to juggle the stores at Christmas and the online sites has proved challenging, but more fabulous posts will soon follow showing you all what GladRags has been up to this chrimbo xoxo

above is a little taster of some of our FaBuLoUs customers

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Well I have been as busy as one of Santa's helpers in December recently. I was cold one day recently (sure you can emphasise) and I randomly decided I really needed a hand muff, so the story continues that what was on offer was far from rich pickings. How do you solve a problem such as this ? I have slaved over creating some faux fur hand muffs and have decided to share with those suffering from similar dilemmas.....
This faux fur lovely is leopard print fabric, inside and out, which makes it really furry, with pink ribbon and gold button detail. £12

This one is a little more quirky and is cream faux fur, with a paisley patterned corduroy bow detail. It's really cute... £10

When I was looking back through the photo's of the hand muffs, I thought I would report back of my chosen ensemble, The Motel Aztec cardigan is fabulous and probably my current fav in my wardrobe. Had a little Internet score and I am not alone in my love affair. Grazia have featured it on two occasions, in the 'cuddle up in a cardie' feature and also in their style spotter (see below)

image courtesy of and copyrighted to

I get complemented everywhere in my cardie and as put my Grazia put it best, you definitely can cosy up in it. Comfort and style....perfection
Motel Aztec Cardigan £65
My Jewels of the day included this vintage gold chain with cameo..........Pieces such as this have inspired us at GladRags and new gorg pieces in store such as cameo necklaces and ghetto gold bracelets and chains are itching to be brought.
belted or beltless this cardie works, today I wore a vintage brown leather from a second hand shop

Working shoes, simple black brogues, made for walking.
Comfy with hopefully a bit of personality, must invest in better camera ASAP, apologies. Will also post Hand Mufflers straight off the press xoxo

Fashion of the People

Apologies for the sporadic blogs in recent weeks, we have been busy bees at GladRags getting the shop ready for Christmas, So a view are definitely necessary to fill the fashion void. Customers have remained as stylish as ever despite the torrential weather recently and here are a few little snaps of customers who have been a bit special x
This pair were very cool, they seemed to be fashionably in tune with each other complementing each others style. Both were sporting the on-trend military style boot and her acid wash denim jacket was to die for....
These ladies were fun, not only did they both look fabulous on this day, but they were also so excited about the store that I just thought they were lovely. After modeling with this velvet clutch the girl on the left, could not leave without it.

Me whilst at work not looking to fresh post graduation day, but still attempting to make some effort. The white T I am sporting along with the skirt and red velvet bag are all from GladRags and I think that pretty much sums up my wardrobe without me noticing

This lovely lil lady came in the Leicester shop and I am so partial to a bit of faux fur. Her style was really 70's inspired which is an era I really enjoy, lovely weathered boots, black lace smock, faux fur coat and large vintage inspired hooped earrings.....sassy personified.

Even looking at this picture makes me smile, she had so much energy and I think this is reflected in her outfit. The stonewashed 80's fit jeans are fab and although you can't see the print on the T in the pic it was also The scarf and slip on's finished the look which was both practical and stylish.

This girl was a student who was so pretty and petite. she was sporting a nautical inspired cardigan with a band T and also reminded me that tights are all about 40 and below denier this season. ie the ones your mum would wear in 1989... I have already brought and laddered 6 pairs :-(

She came wandering into the shop about 5.20pm all nonchalant and i probably half screamed "photo, photo, your fabulous" thankfully she agreed and I am glad she did. She kind of gave of a calm Ora, understand ed cool. The outfit is in the detail, the re-usable bag the bowler and had the odd socks for a bit of fun....the result, fresh, fun and noticeable, I love it.
thank you to all the fabulous fashionistas for brightening my working days xoxo

We Heart Motel.........

Here at GladRags we are particularly fond of the Motel brand whose collections are inspired by vintage fabrics and styles. Despite the fact that they have been going 10 years, it seems they are suddenly taking over the world. Since the time that we had begun stocking the label the brand as has gone from strength to strength and the hype continues to grow. On a night out I now look across the dance floor and now see a sea of stylish motel fashionistas all decked out in the Motel GladRags.......
image courtesy of and copyrighted to PA photography
Lily Allen has long been a Motel supporter and looks gorg in this Motel Zoe dress from S/S09 which we sold out of, but see

image courtesy of and copyrighted to Reveal Magazine

Reveal magazine even caught Little Boots out in here Wolf Vest T which we loved at GladRags, the updated design in currently an Owl T which we stock at £20 see

image courtesy of and copyrighted to Motel Rocks

Lily again rocking the Sarah Motel bodycon dress. I really like this dress it has an 90's feel to it which seems strange, I think it's the rose pattern and dress length

image courtesy of and copyrighted to OK magazine

The Helen dress was featured in OK magazine, this little number was officially my favourite from this particular collection. GladRags stocked this dress in the black/v.v dark navy which complements the nautical feel of it. The gold button detailing is lush and just adds to the sophisticated yet sassy style.

image courtesy of and copyrighted to BBC
Even Eastenders is in on the act, dressing there young scarlets in Motel. This dress was from a couple of collections ago but can still be found at the Motel website.

image courtesy of and copyrighted to ITV

This is one of many Motel dresses that I have seen on the X Factor series this year, again concreting Motels status as a brand which is now here to stay and is young, fresh and contemporary.

image courtesy of and copyrighted to Karmaloop
Motel seems to be everywhere at the minute and we are glad to be a part of it, its designs are funky, fun and we believe that little bit more fabulous then the mass produced dresses currently available..
Gladrags Hearts Motel xoxo

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Playing in the Dressing up Box

Ooooohhh I was just minding my own business at work today when a delivery arrived. What should it be but 24 gorgeous dresses by a new duo who call themselves Old Romantic. They take old vintage dresses and rework them into fabulous pieces of art! I couldn't help but try them on!!!!

Monday, 16 November 2009


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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Day At Work

As I was wearing a ensemble from GladRags in the video (see last blog) I thought I would just quickly mention it.
This is a Motel dress from their S/S 09 collection, we do have a few still left. I have loved this dress from the day I opted to sacrifice lunch to have it. I have dressed it up and dressed it down and I think it always looked effortlessly stylish wearing it both ways.
Motel Dress £36 - see GladRagsBoutique website.

This is just a chose up of the fabric, it is a really pretty pattern and the flowers almost look like abstract painting's. Not instant fashion, just timeless....

The little shoes I paired with this dress today, I have had for an age. Those shoes that when you come across, you think, "I really liked those," there simple, cute little things.

I felt the bow detail on them kind of complimented the style of the dress, I liked how they clashed with my tights also....

In A World Of GladRags

Just a little video, giving those of you that have yet to visit us a little glimpse into the GladRags experience. We just want shopping to be fun, to feel like what you have brought is really special, irrespective of the price tag. Everyday should be Christmas.....well, the type of Christmas's where you buy yourself something special, rather then everyone else xx

(bit rushed, my trusty camera woman was late for a lecture, apologies)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Style

Well the GladRags customers did not disappoint today, the store was a medley of FaBuLoUsNeSs, with everyone shopping in their Saturday best.

These two lovely ladies were dressed very sophisticated today. I loved both of their footwear's, on the left the vintagesque sandals were lush, and on the right, on trend paintent brogues complimented her lovely blazer and finished the outfit perfectly.
Wow Taylor Momsen eat your heart out, I lovvvvvvvvvvvvved these girls style, they were subtly styled to perfection and looked super hot. Co-ordinated fashion friendships, you can't get much better then that !
These ladies were so lovely. I really like their quirky style, they are like Coventry's answer to Alexa Chung and I really liked how they fearlessly put their outfits together.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Danielle Scutt S/S10

I don't usually torture myself by spending to long cooing over designer labels and catwalk couture, but every so often a collection remains a constant within my psyche regardless of my resistance. Ever since I was exposed to this S/S10 collection from Danielle Scutt at LFW, I have been able to think of nothing else...........

I think what it is about this collection that has captured me, is not only it's wearability factor, but that rather then being gaudy or ostentatious it's like a collection that has captured street savvy, a designer mentality to be enjoyed before the the industry moulds it into something different.

You could put this on and walk down the street in the middle of the day, I love it....

I think these prints have a warm, slightly 60's/70's feel to them, which is definitely an era GladRags has been embracing recently.

The geometric print on this dress is amazing, shoes aren't bas either !

When Danielle Scutt was asked what her inspirations are for S/S10 she responded by saying, "Print, fabric and cut" and that is definitely reflected within the collection. The lines are beautifully sculpted yet flattering, the prints comprise of a complexity of modern geometrics to somewhere between Forest Gump meets Little House of the Prairie.
I just really love it, I would luvvvvvve to have in all in my wardrobe, i night even try a Pisa inspired hair do..............

Tribute to those gals that make the effort!!

These girls were milling around GladRags today. Don't they look just fab!! If everone looked this great for popping out on a Wednesday's, the world would be a beautiful place!! x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stylish Tuesday's

When I asked these lovely ladies whether they minded me taking a photo, as I thought they looked nice, they replied by saying they were dressed for work! What a stylish place it would be if everybody went to work in over the knee suede's, 80's leather jackets and harem pants............

Brick Lane a Fashion Adventure

Well the the employer and I decided a day away from the office was in order so headed to East London last Sunday. Brick Lane will never fail to lift one's mood with outrageous fashion statements being made around every corner. It's certainly made up of an eclectic mix of people and is the perfect tonic to the day to day drib of what this neck of the woods would refer to as suburban life....

I've always felt that fashion can be extended through many different mediums, one of them being art and graffiti. Only the best graffiti artists seem to grace Brick Lane's wall including some Banky's (I'm a Fan).

Brick Lane, the street of films, fashion and music. I love it here, it is honestly like a catwalk on Sundays, there is an abundance of fabulousness within this hustle and bustle and always good for some pre catwalk style.... mark my words the people down this street create fashion, don't just wear it !
(this picture does not depict what I describe, but I am always to busy studying it at the time to snap)

The GladRags Boutique creator in her over the knee suede boots and weathered leather jacket. Thought the background had a ska feel and as we are Coventry originals, felt it was apt....

I loooooooooove Camden, I can see why so many artists have been from of moved here, it definitely feeds inspiration and creativity.....

Although this blog is not directly about fashion, it is places such as these that can reignite a possible waining desire to be fabulous (weather not helping). The capital amongst many other places is filled to the brim with diverse and extreme personalities that infect the air and becomes addiction to feel fabulous all of the time.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Style Spotter Alert

Despite the undesirable weather, GladRags customers have remained FaBuLoUs. These two chicks caught my attention because not only did I love her lace-up of the moment ankle boots, but they were cool cucumbers, who had a uncontrived flare for style (apologies for the slight blur on pic)