Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Ok I absoloutely stole today's title from my friend Kaaaaren, who has just spent 4 days playing Challenge Anneka trying to get back from Prague!!!
It has just occurred to us here (probably a bit later than it should!) that two of our suppliers for the shop manufacture their collections in the Far East errrrrrr...... Fingers crossed that flights now conrinue and catch up- I NEEEED my new Motel dress before May!! xx

Friday, 16 April 2010

Shady Lady Shades not just for the Gals!!

Whilst admiring the new shades (they REALLY have grown on me- at first I was a bit indifferent) my friend Nicola (unpaid apprentice for the day!) and I decided to try out some more of the styles to see which suited. This young man came in at that unfortunate (he may think?) moment, so we got him to try a few pairs on! Check him out!! He can actually pull any shape off!! Grrr

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Buying trip London Town!

We hit East London at the weekend to pick up bags and Sunglasses for the shop. Good fun especially when it is sunny!!! We scoured through and picked up some great goodies!!! Very Happy!!

Fun times- we had a little wander down Brick Lane to the Sunday Markets- gorgeous bits and bob got loads of inspiration for the shop- as well as some Flying Ducks for our flat!!! We then chugged up to Camden for a few sunshine drinks on the Thames- good day for working!! x

Above is a pic of the Old GladRags Boy sampling some of our wares!! Hee Hee

Coventry Gals DO Have Style!

Ok, so I have been perched in the shop all day looking out of the window and what should I see....CHAV BLOODY CENTRAL. I left work to the sounds of what I think was a conversation between two gold chained, trakkied blokes about whose dog was the fiercest!! ANYHOWS...That is why it is a pleasure to bring you thses pics of our gorgeous customers looking all stylish this Spring xx