Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Er excuse me Ms Bosworth, could you be any more fabulous ?

Kate Bosworth is one of those Hollywood ladies where your like, what films is she in ? I know sge was in that one about surfing, oh and she dated Orlando ! irrespective of her slightly gappy curriculum vitae, she ALWAYS looks great, admittedly she is majorly to slim which I am not an advocate for but she has innate classy style and always looks effortless. On this week (which as a result of a bank holiday is starting Tuesday 4th May 2010) KATE BOSWORTH I SALUTE YOU, IT IS OFFICIALLY/NOT OFFICIALLY KATE BOSWORTH STYLE APPRECIATION WEEK WAHOOOOO !!!!!
Farrah eat your heart out !

I love this outfit, what I would have done for that scalloped chloe suit :-( smack back to reality !

that backless dress, I want it, I want it now daddy ! (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, as I plummet down the bad egg shaft
Leanne (guest editor) xoxo