Monday, 24 May 2010

My sunny weekend in my GladRags

I love the sunshine and loved getting dressed up minus the fur coat. I seem to have found that my whole wardrobe exists of GladRags this summer....funny that ! SOLD OUT play suit was £28 belt was thrifted, I love this play suit, you really feel lovely in it.

These particular Harems were also a sell out £32, but we do still have some of this body suit left at £26 which nods to the lace trend but in a classy way, I wore this out in central London and had a great night out (sad but true, my nights out are very much dependant on my happiness at my outfit.......I like clothes alright !
I love this, there all one off so this particular one found a home in my wardrobe but there are similar styles in store £35
Another lovely dress, apologies for the bad camera, this dress (on left) is a little strapless, flowery number, which fits in all the right places.....

(this little paragraph was supposed to be at the top. but the option does not exist to move it ! apologies lol )

What I weekend, despite agreeing with 'Laura Marling' that England is lovely covered in snow (check it out, lovely song) I am a sun lover and this weekends weather has certainly released some needed serotonin, I know it's probably short lived, so I ensured I utilised my time and partiedddddd with the ladies. Central London Saturday night, I braved the Harem outfit and felt.............fabulous, I really did, I awaited the nappy jokes, yet received none and felt really stylish, whilst comfortable.....