Monday, 12 July 2010

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming !

Hello peeps, it's Leanne the guest editor and the holiday season is most definitely upon us, but it will be gone before we say bikini, so I am definitely all about making my summer wardrobe legendary this season as I will be popping over to IBIZA yeahhhhhhhhhhh, where lets be honest looking good kinda matters........
I have deciding I will be channelling A number of signature style influences, one of those being 'Native American Indians', ie feathers, animals skins etc, with a glamour twist of course. Another will be Ibiza glitterati which in a nut shell involves ridiculous amounts of glitter, bright colours and kaftan's......
A lil bit of Ke$ha style will surely figure, for me she kinda sums up, "I cant be arsed" Ibiza chic
Cowrie necklaces in abundance......over bikini's, over Maxi's or vests, gives an added feral beach girl look (which is my aim)

My new inner conch piercing was not done purely for Ibiza.....but, it will complement the look (this is not me though) I am camera less today.....

I am really feeling these eyelashes and there pretty reasonable because they are so ridiculous lol, going to wear them on top and bottom lashed and pray I don't have an accident due to sight reduction !

If i could get my hands on an authentic one of these, I would dieeeeeeeee. Saying that, tequila and nightclubs, leads to people thinking that all headgear is a free for all and i would flip....I was so inspired by these though that we have created a more wearable version here at GladRags that I will upload some pics of asap !

BUMBAGS, I predicted this sooooooooooooo long ago and I have the most fabulous white leather number to make every summer outfit, pop, cannot wait to wear it hee hee......

Well, lady of the manner has promised we will be getting matching swallow and anchor tattoos for my 25th on the 1st of August, but we'll see, a little fickle but your only young once and it will compliment my Ibiza wardrobe.... (i should read this when I'm 50 and really regret it )

Hope everyone who is going away is safe (ish) and has a fabulous time, for those of you that are not, don't be down, British weather is unpredictable but there events are not, get yourself out there, be fabulous and have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!1