Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sienna's back (ish)

Morning Ms Miller !
serious dress, serious pins !!!!

love it, love it, love, everything about it, from her beach hair to her patent cream brogues

massive balmain fan, well to qualify as a fan, I suppose you need to own some, which......
I don't.

ahhhh, even when i don't want to, I do love you... xoxo

Bonjour ! Well now are all over the who unpleasent 'Getty' incident, it seems miss Miller is back on the radar, I dont't really like mr Law anymore (bit slimey & bald) but he does seem to have an effect on Sienna that makes her remember she has a wardrobe and access the the most lush clothes in the world.....none can ever recreate the buzz of her introduction to the world as the original boho queen...but......the girl CAN dress !
welcome back miss Moss, sorry Miller.......