Wednesday, 14 July 2010


OK so here are some things, I am either really loving or items that are at the top of my wish list, as I cannot live another day without them....slightly dramatic, but.....I am.

I am a little obsessed with charity shops at the minute and whilst trawling through the £1 rail, came across the most fabulous Rupert the bear trousers (as we referred to them) anyway, i loved them anyway and they were a major bargain, but then imagine my delight, when after browsing through a/w 2010 vogue (as you do) I saw how many pages were dedicated to the tweed tailored trouser (wahooooo) ahead of the game and still a tenner in my pocket ! good times.......

I am a massive chino/trouser lover but i am yet to find a pair of these that look good one me, the models make it look easy. It reminds me of Calvin Klein meets Chloe, really lush draping fabrics, yet casual... i want i want !

Love the Kruger, but don't really love her version, still if i had her legs, would i care ? NO

Completely unisex trend, i possibly love man in this style more than women, which is something i rarely admit to, I love these shorts above.

on the street this man is a little clockwork orange demented, but crisp chino's in the summer months makes me swoon, whether over the trouser of the man is irrelevant lol.
WISH LIST ALERT I have to have a flying jacket, its going to have to be an investment, because a decent one will not come cheap, I will bide my time (till end of month lol) then I am on the hunt

lush lush lush, and if you were wondering, i will be rocking my aviators at the same time !

I am loving boxy bags and they are going no where soon, so get one, we have a lovely collection in GladRags, in a range of colours (see there so lady like and make you feel all Jackie O.

Bag Lady, you gonna hurt your back, carrying all those bags, like that (Erykah Badu)

WISH LIST DREAM - Marc Jacobs you kill me..... i would sell my non existent children for this bag.....and my hair lol.... dream on !